About Richard C. Wayne

Richard C. Wayne is the youngest of four siblings. Coming from a long line of credible businessmen, Richard developed a keen interest for entrepreneurship at eleven years of age proudly opened his first business. “Dicks Number One” was a food service business where Richard sold soda, crackers and sandwiches around various construction sites. After his immediate success he was able to expand and hire other kids around the neighborhood. Thus resulted the opening of  “Dicks Number Two”. Richard C. Wayne is a caring family man, successful business man, and very bright legal professional and counselor. His ability to engage, develop and commit to ideas and beliefs is what sets him apart from others.

Image5-1As a growing professional, Mr. Wayne utilized his entrepreneurial skills to support himself throughout his fourteen years of advanced education. While being fully engaged in his studies and raising a family, Wayne became widely interested in helping the less fortunate and distressed in Atlanta, Georgia. He conducted Federal Criminal appellant work before taking on his own criminal cases. After several years, Wayne transitioned to the civil side and began representing those who had been defrauded in mortgage fraud schemes and left holding property in Georgia that was worth 10% of their mortgage amount. During the middle to later 2000’s, Richard C. Wayne & Associates continued litigation in mortgage fraud cases, real estate and general business cases.

The firm is not focused on transactional and litigation of corporate and business matters with an emphasis on Real Estate.